Sunday, August 5, 2012

Paring Down

I'm getting a new bed!

I haven't purchased a nice, new piece of furniture in 13 years.  Everything I have in my bedroom was inherited from hubby's grandmother, supplemented by a couple of Target pieces.  Luckily, my sister works in a furniture store and was able to get this baby for me at cost!

Of course, it's bigger than the bed I have now, so I will need to get rid of a small bookshelf that currently houses all of my crafting books.  I had to make some difficult decisions, but I was able to set aside quite a number of books to donate:

I think sacrificing a few volumes, filled with "stuff I'll make SOMEDAY", for a gorgeous, comfy bed is worth it, don't you?  I know the library book store will be happy with my choice.  It's actually very liberating to know that I won't have to dust these anymore.  Plus, I now have Pinterest to store all my "make this someday" ideas!

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