Friday, May 4, 2012

One-Skein Baby Set

It's been baby season around here lately.  Neighbors are having babies.  Friends are having babies or are becoming grandparents to babies.  Friends are adopting babies.  No family babies, but there are friends-of-family babies, to be sure.  That means that there are a lot of little heads and toes to keep warm, which is a good thing because:  I love to knit for babies!

My new favorite baby gift is what I'm calling the "One-Skein Baby Set" (because it uses less than a skein of Plymouth Encore Worsted yarn).  It consists of a pom-pom hat and bootie socks:

For Baby Owen
The hat pattern I use is the Little Boy Blue Ribbed Baby Hat from The Shizknit blog.  I cast on 72 stitches and add a pom-pom.  I follow the rest of the pattern as written.

The little socks are the Encore Worsted Kids' Socks from Plymouth Yarn (infant size).  This is a great first sock project because it is small and quick, and the worsted yarn is easy to work with.  I cast-on onto size 6 DPNs (long-tail cast-on) and knit the rest on size 5 DPNs. 
(There is an error in the pattern for the infant size. Under the TURN HEEL instructions, it should say
“no p1 for infant size” at the end of row 3 and “no k1 for infant size” at the end of row 4.)

For Baby Ezra