Saturday, October 15, 2011


Hubby's cousin is expecting a new bambina in December.  I made a layette set for her:

Fancy Cables and Lace Baby Blanket

Knitted Baby Booties

Everyday Cables Baby Hat
(my own design- pattern below)

Everyday Cables Baby Hat
Size:  Newborn
Supplies: 1 skein worsted weight yarn, size 7 DPNs, cable needle, place marker, tapestry needle
Gauge:  1 cable (widest point) and reverse-stockinette repeat = 1 3/8 inches, unstretched

pm:  place marker
CB6:  slip 3 stitches onto a cable needle purl-wise and hold in back of work, K3, K3 off of cable needle.
CB4:  slip 2 stitches onto a cable needle purl-wise and hold in back of work, K2, K2 off of cable needle.
K2tog:  knit two stitches together
P2tog:  purl 2 stitches together
SKP:  slip the next stitch knit-wise, K1, pass the slipped stitch over

Cast-on 72 stitches, 18 on each of four DPNs.  Mark the end of the round with a place marker.  K6, P3 around (each needle should have K6, P3, K6, P3).

On rounds 4, 12, 20, 28:  CB6, P3, K6, P3 around

On rounds 8, 16, 24, 32:  K6, P3, CB6, P3 around

Decrease Rows:
33:  K6, P2tog, P1 around;  64 sts
34:  SKP, K4, P2 around;  56 sts
35:  K3, K2tog, P2 around;  48 sts
36:  CB4, P2, K4, P2tog around;  40 sts
37:  K4, P1, SKP, K1, K2tog around;  32 sts
38:  SKP, K2tog, P1, K3 around;  24 sts
39:  SKP, P1, K1, K2tog around;  16 sts
40:  SKP, K2tog around;  8sts
Break yarn.  Thread tapestry needle and thread yarn through remaining stitches.  Pull tightly and bring yarn to inside of hat.  Weave in ends.