Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Mother's Day is here early this year.  I'm hoping that I'll get one of these:

Fingers are crossed.

Now, what do I get for the Mother-in Law?


  1. Ok did you email this or post on Facebook....why take chances?! I better get crackin on converting the files to dxf
    Go to to read her reviews and Watch her tutorials.

  2. I'll probably order it myself and have him wrap it. That's the only way to 100% guarantee that I get it. I usually don't want stuff for Mother's Day, but you know I've been looking at the e-cutters for a long, long time now. I'll definitely check out that blog.

  3. That's my girl! Now where are your labels! and you should put the facebook twitter share button in there too, so I can warn the good Dr. he better wrap it good and with a smile:)

  4. Crafty Mom,

    Your blog looks like alot of fun! :) I found it via April Michelle's blog.

    -L. Rose

  5. Thanks! I will check out your blog, as well.